The Jikoni Menu

At Jikoni East Africa we are incredibly fortunate to be able to share the history and culture of East Africa with you. From Ethiopia we bring you the unique spice blend ‘berebere’, awaze chilli paste and nit’ir kibbeh (spiced clarified butter). These are just some of the fabulous ingredients we love to cook with. Kenya and Tanzania offer sumptuous charcoal-grilled meats and great seafood dishes as well as a fantastic array of tropical produce from matoke to cassava, papaya to loquat. Iman’s motherland, Somalia, takes filo pastry and chapati to the next level, with mastery in subtle spicing and great sauces and broths to get our creative juices flowing. 

Click the button to see the current Jikoni menu. We may make small changes depending on what is currently in season and looking good.

Come and find us for lunch, coffee and cakes Tuesday to Saturday.

Our Ingredients

With so many exciting ingredients to get to grips with, we’ve put together a quick guide to help you spot some of our favourite East African flavours.

Awaze: a Ethiopian sauce or marinade made with honey-mead and berebere

Berebere: a complex Ethiopian/Eritrean spice blend with fenugreek and arjowan.

Beso bela: a type of basil indigenous to Ethiopia.

Bisbas: Somalian green chilli & garlic hot sauce.

Dilaac  bilash: a simple Somalian tomato sauce containing xawaash and fresh coriander.

Ethiopian Injera

A cakey sour dough flatbread made from a gluten free grain called teff. Injera is a staple food in Ethiopia accompanying almost every meal .       

Kachumbari:  a salad or salsa eaten all over East Africa, characteristically containing tomato, chilli, lime, coriander and garlic.

Maraq: a traditional Somalian spiced broth.

Matoke: a type of banana eaten green in many East African countries

Nit’ir Kibbeh: spiced clarified butter used extensively in Ethiopian/Eritrean cuisine.

Pili Pili: hot red chilli condiment.

Shidni: a rich Somalian sauce made with tamarind, tomatoes, dates, mangos, and spices.

Beso Bela

Shiro: flour made from chickpeas and Ethiopian spices.

Sorghum: a gluten-free grain cultivated and eaten all over East Africa.

Ugali: a starchy polenta-like accompaniment made with maize flour and water. It is a staple across Africa.


Xawaash (or Hawaash): a mild Somalian spice blend with sage.